The Dalarna Experiment Event 23/8

Leksand, Tegera Arena — 09:00 - 11:30

The Stockholm Experiment Event 25/8

Stockholm, Waterfront — 09:00 - 11:30

Welcome to The Sprint Experiment

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Compassionate leadership – learn how to be an everyday hero

Our event gives people greater actionable insights to achieve their professional and well-being goals.

From Experiment to Experience to Action” refers to the The Stanford Prison Experiment (see 2015 movie trailer below) conducted in 1971. Stanford Psychologist Phil Zimbardo investigated what happens when good, normal people are given roles that create "malicious" behavior, creating a controversial and criticized outcome. Psychology and our understanding of the situation was changed forever, but today, Phil and others are using the findings to develop strong, compassionate, and heroic leadership enabling psychological well-being, productivity and leadership skills. Join us for an enlightening, interactive opportunity to learn how to apply research based findings to increase you and your organizations capabilities!

General information

This is an event to develop your or your organizations interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills and abilities to take effective action in challenging situations. We can avoid becoming passive bystanders, instead becoming everyday heros? We’ll learn new tools to develop well-being and improve productivity, so make sure to get your tickets early!

This event is for you who wants to

  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Increase the productivity in your organization
  • Get advice about how to take better care of yourself and others
  • Learn about scientific research in compassion and heroism
  • Experiment to get experience that you can transform into action


Phil Zimbardo

The Face and Voice of Psychology from Evil to Heroism

Psychologist and professor emeritus at Stanford University. Best known for his 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment and has since authored various introductory psychology books and other notable works. More info here

Starting with The Stanford Prison Experiment, Phil will present his lifetime research and journey to understand the complexity of the human mind. From his early work on the darker side of human behavior, we will experience a transition to the emergence of the Everyday Hero of his more recent work and develop those skills together.

Daniel E Martin

The science and applications behind the Experiments, translating Experience into Measurable Impact.

Social Psychologist and Professor at the California State University, Counselling Scientist at CCARE, Stanford University.

Dan will share his research on compassion, the dark side and their impact on leadership as well as ways to grow and strengthen leadership through data-driven applications. We will get a peek at the new tools that are improving heroic and compassionate behavior and actions outcomes in universities, hospitals, corporations and cities!

Yotam Heineberg

Experience Compassion and the well-being it supports

Professor in clinical psychology. Clinic manager at Palo Alto University and active in CCARE, Stanford University.

Yotam will explain the importance of compassion in the survival of our species by sharing the evolution of the Mind as it relates to our Ambitions, Threat and Soothing systems. He will take us on an experiential journey through the complex joy of being human. We will learn the importance of compassion in heroic behavior.

Ulf Alexandersson

How to transform cutting edge science into the business world

CEO, recruitment- and management consultant. Founder of Sprint and Sprint Kompassion.

Thanks to science, we know how to drive profit, productivity and increase our well-being. Are we ready to adopt, adapt and improve?

Sabinije von Gaffke

Sabinije von Gaffke is a versatile, passionate and knowledgeable international moderator and communications expert with experience across sectors and within a wide range of topics.

Combined with her engaging style, unique ability to facilitate and inspire people and audiences along with her appreciated personality has made her a sought after Moderator, TV-journalist and TV-Host, globally.

Clients and assignments in cross-range of sectors including technology, business, digital health, sustainability, social impact and digital media.

Previous clients include Nordic Business Forum, Women in Tech, Brilliant Minds, PWC, UNHCR, Swedish Government Offices, ICT Spring, SAAB to TEDx.